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Snakes on a Man :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 2 0 lil pea dude :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 3 0 wasp bee person thing :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 3 0 killing two birds with three stones :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 3 2 Protagonist :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 4 7 What a Naughty Boy :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 3 1 Cat Person Thingamajig :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 3 2 Damian :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 1 1 Amanita :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 3 7 Duncan :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 1 2 Hair Color Preference/Suggestion? :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 0 2
I'm Gonna Go Eat a Tortilla
I'm gonna go eat a tortilla
That was a good tortilla
I think I'll eat another tortilla
That too, was a good tortilla
I would eat another tortilla
But sadly, I no longer have any tortillas
Does anyone have a tortilla that I could eat?
:iconcellularsp:CellularSP 2 2
Nikki [Swapnote] Sprite :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 16 6
Chronicles of Crusadia - Prologue
Many years ago, long before anyone can remember, Crusadia’s foundations were laid down by three brothers. While their true names have been lost to time, they are known today as The Phantom, The Falcon, and The Doctor. They ruled over Crusadia, bringing peace to the land with their powers and good intentions. Everything seemed well, and many prospered under their leadership.
However, as the years passed, the middle brother, The Phantom, began to realize that he could not rule forever. He loved Crusadia and its people, and did not want to leave it behind. In his old age, he began to seek out ways to extend his life beyond its natural capacity. He delved in dark magic, something outlawed and forbidden ever since Crusadia’s conception. In order to hide his forbidden practices, The Phantom shut himself into the Crusadia castle, locking himself deep within the catacombs of the city.
Worried, the eldest brother, The Falcon, went to search for his younger sibling. Despite Falcon
:iconcellularsp:CellularSP 2 1
Sweet Pup :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 0 3 Undertale - Frisk :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 16 13
I usually submit spritework, as that is my specialty considering I do not have a working scanner, otherwise you'd probably see a lot more drawing-wise.

Random Favourites

DJ Vinyl Scratch :icontaviturnip:TaviTurnip 113 30 My Little RPG? :icontaviturnip:TaviTurnip 54 23 My Little Platformer :icontaviturnip:TaviTurnip 56 13 Puzzle Apple! :icontaviturnip:TaviTurnip 78 30 Dammit Applebloom :iconunlockablex:Unlockablex 10 3 Evolution of Androids :iconcyberguy64:Cyberguy64 7 3 Model Making Mishaps :icontreez123:treez123 1,750 397 Good Evening Vinyl Scratch :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 7,326 619 Dashie :iconayzuki:Ayzuki 583 69 Princess Luna :icon0okami-0ni:0okami-0ni 64 14 mikey :iconcremedelabutt:cremedelabutt 55 9 Vizzy Super Star :icontaviturnip:TaviTurnip 62 11 Fluttershy :iconhannahdash:HannahDash 127 14 BREEZIES :icontaviturnip:TaviTurnip 108 54 Jawa Pony :iconyanoda:Yanoda 240 40 Lasso Attack :iconketrindarkdragon:KetrinDarkDragon 82 3
These are the things I enjoy that were made by other people... obviously.
Good news is I have some of the sketches for the requests done.

Bad news is my computer is being really, really... slow right now for whatever reason. Just one day it decided that "hmmm.... I guess 30 seconds between a mouse click and an action is normal." While I'm probably sure its just because Macbooks are programmed to self destruct after a few years so you're forced to purchase a new one, I'm still looking for a solution.

In any case, it probably doesn't help that video game-related stuff that I had been waiting on for months came out soon after the request time ended, so... yeah. Procrastination on that end as well, especially since I've sat down and drawn OTHER things not related to the requests at all. Which I've been hesitant to post here since they're not the requests but I've decided "screw it" and I'll post what I can when I can, and I'll try to focus more on the requests in the very near future

In any case, they are still on my mind, time flies faster than I think and suddenly its been weeks, etc, etc, I wanted to write something rather than just disappear until one of them was done.



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Woah this has changed so much I haven't touched this in eons holy crap


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