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I'm Gonna Go Eat a Tortilla
I'm gonna go eat a tortilla
That was a good tortilla
I think I'll eat another tortilla
That too, was a good tortilla
I would eat another tortilla
But sadly, I no longer have any tortillas
Does anyone have a tortilla that I could eat?
:iconcellularsp:CellularSP 2 2
Nikki [Swapnote] Sprite :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 16 6
Chronicles of Crusadia - Prologue
Many years ago, long before anyone can remember, Crusadia’s foundations were laid down by three brothers. While their true names have been lost to time, they are known today as The Phantom, The Falcon, and The Doctor. They ruled over Crusadia, bringing peace to the land with their powers and good intentions. Everything seemed well, and many prospered under their leadership.
However, as the years passed, the middle brother, The Phantom, began to realize that he could not rule forever. He loved Crusadia and its people, and did not want to leave it behind. In his old age, he began to seek out ways to extend his life beyond its natural capacity. He delved in dark magic, something outlawed and forbidden ever since Crusadia’s conception. In order to hide his forbidden practices, The Phantom shut himself into the Crusadia castle, locking himself deep within the catacombs of the city.
Worried, the eldest brother, The Falcon, went to search for his younger sibling. Despite Falcon
:iconcellularsp:CellularSP 2 1
Sweet Pup :iconcellularsp:CellularSP 0 3
I usually submit spritework, as that is my specialty considering I do not have a working scanner, otherwise you'd probably see a lot more drawing-wise.

Random Favourites

Dr. Cortex is downright ugly :iconprimalmoron:PrimalMoron 3 7 Knuckles and Squidward V.2 :iconroad-rave:Road-Rave 186 32 Over the Horizon :iconmaegan-danielle:maegan-danielle 1 3 Latias custom artwork :iconprimalmoron:PrimalMoron 9 2 The Big Picture 2nd Edition :iconprimalmoron:PrimalMoron 5 5 The Sprite Table Type Charts :iconprincess-phoenix:princess-phoenix 45 4 To-Be Fakemon Sprite Sheet :iconprincess-phoenix:princess-phoenix 103 65 Wonka Sprite Sheet :iconrabidfangirlofdoom:RabidFangirlofDoom 44 33 Sylux SSB4 style sprites :iconshadowthehedgehog9:ShadowTheHedgehog9 35 14 The 179 faces of Kirby :iconbuci01:Buci01 2,075 575 Optimus Prime :iconsuzuran:suzuran 2,538 543 DEWDROP :iconsmorrisonart:SMorrisonArt 62 13
These are the things I enjoy that were made by other people... obviously.
That's quite a lot.

So yeah I'm gonna try and be active on deviantArt again. Been busy the past few months drawing, looking for a better job, and... other various things.

But the biggest thing I've been working on and ultimately the main reason I've decided to come back to dA is that I've been working on developing a trading card game. It's basically a knock-off Pokémon TCG (it is a bit different, I suppose) but I've been working on it diligently since late December, took a break early February, and recently began back up on it late March. I have a 100-card set planned and I've recently been working on the card art. I've been posting video updates on my Youtube channel, hoping for feedback, and while I have gotten some it is not nearly as much as I'd like.

Then I remembered that dA was generally a decent place to find feedback, so hopefully as I start to post things here again I might be able to get a wider spectrum of opinions.

So yeah, expect more stuff soon I guess.

ALSO, one final thing. I am aware that I took on those few requests and then basically left. Needless to say that those probably won't be happening sometime soon if ever, sadly. I may seem like a terrible person because of that, but I just couldn't get myself motivated to do them, even knowing that I would be disappointing people. That is awful to say but it is also the truth. Feel free to hunt me down and shoot me I suppose.

Until next time.


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Woah this has changed so much I haven't touched this in eons holy crap


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